Happy Meal Toys Not Making Rock Band Devo Happy


"I make little kids happy and big kids mad." -New Wave Nigel

The iconic "energy dome" made famous by New Wave band Devo in its "Whip It" music video and various stage performances is a look you want to steal so badly, but take lessons from McDonald's—don't. As part of an American Idol–themed line of Happy Meal toys, McDonald's introduced New Wave Nigel. He may look so 1980s mod in his orange jumpsuit, fuchsia shades, and energy dome, but this Devo-ian imitation is not flattering the band, which is now suing the the chain.

"Plus, we don't like McDonald's," bassist Gerald Casale told Australian Associated Press. Casale designed the upside-down flower-pot hat, which is both copyrighted and trademarked. Watch the original "Whip It" video, full of New Wave Nigel predecessors, after the jump. [Via Metafilter]

Devo's 'Whip It' Music Video