Cilantro Haters Unite, While Wearing Anti-Cilantro Graphic Tees

200806-7_IHateCilantro.jpgSome think cilantro and think, green herb in guacamole, but others look at the leaves and shudder, cursing the evildoer for ruining otherwise vibrant curries, Indian chutneys and Mexican salsas. Roughly 2,000 haters have gathered on the web-based community to "tell their story," buy anti-cilantro mugs and pray that one day we'll all wake up and it'll all just parsley.

The community's manifesto reads: "Together they have chosen against cilantro. They have chosen against it in their meals, in their kitchens and in their stomachs." Beyond tees, members can purchase throw pillows, steins and even fuzzy bears branded with the slashed-out cilantro bunch. Poets can vent under the site's "haiku" section, where one member "Milford," for example, had the following to say.

redolent of soap this herb washes away hope a good meal ruined - Milford