This Week's Tasty 10

According to our handy site-metering utility, these were the top 10 items that had us all buzzing on Serious Eats this week.


Photo of the Day: Canine Prewash Cycle: Ed's dog is a canine vacuum cleaner, and people seemed to love this photo of him this week. [Required Eating]

Risqué Japanese Boob Pudding: The Japanese have a pervy side. Konichiwa, nurse! [Required Eating]

Poutine: Curdy Canadian Comfort: Give cheese fries with gravy and fancy name and you can feel better about eating it. [Required Eating]

Ramp Compound Butter: Get your ramps while you can, and stretch out the season by making this butter. [Recipes]

Favorite Food Network Show and Chef: A favorite topic here on Serious Eats: "I have always loved watching the Food Network, but recently I have become addicted! ... What are some of everyone else's favorite shows and/or chefs?" [Talk]

What's the Best Mexican Food Town in the U.S.?: Houston and L.A. are tied for first place, with San Antonio, Phoenix and Tuscon right behind. Add your vote to put your fave Mexicity over the top. [Eating Out]

Food for a stressed student stomach?: I'm surely not the only one in the thick of exams around here. I definitely feel the stress in my stomach.... Any recommendations for friendly foods? What keeps you going when you're under the gun (and I don't mean coffee)? [Talk]

Essentials: Fish Tacos: "In the early 1990s fish tacos became something of a craze in Houston, if I remember correctly, but I was not on board. In my wisdom and maturity today, however, I embrace all foods Mexican or Mexican-ish...." [Recipes]

About these things called "ramps"...: "Do you slice the whole ramp up, or just the ends? Besides making the recipes (compound butter and another one I can't recall right now), what do you use them for?" [Talk]

D.C. Street Vendors: Do They Exist? One Worth Mentioning: "In October of 2006, the District reversed a moratorium on sidewalk vendors in an attempt to diversify the downtown culinary landscape.... Sadly, just a few new entrepreneurial minds have stepped forward, and the most consistent ... is a Korean cart known as L Street Vending...." [Eating Out]