This Week in Recipes


DIY Fudgesicles: Lucy Baker recreates a fond childhood memory by making her own fudgepops from scratch.

Capital Cannellini: Blake Royer cooks a simple, subtle Italian bean salad.

A Healthier Cookie: Robin Baker admits that pregnancy has given her more of a sweet tooth. She recommends these oatmeal cookies full of coconut and sunflower seeds for a slightly less guilt-inducing solution.

Amazing Avocado: Boring guacamole metamorphoses into a snazzy lunch with Lucy Baker's crabby avocado soup.

Rice Over Easy: A perfectly runny fried egg tops Nick Kindelsperger's ginger fried rice for a new take on an old favorite.

Both Sides Now: Robin Bellinger makes a lovely lunch out of the polenta and broccoli rabe she cooked as sides for brisket the night before.

This Potato Salad is Sweet: Nick Kindelsperger is smitten with a spicy-sweet vegetarian meal of sweet potato salad with caramelized onions and guajillo chile dressing.

Nuts About Italian Walnut Brownies: This version of torta Caprese from Del Posto executive pastry chef Brooks Headley involves chili flakes, ground cumin, and just a drop of balsamic vinegar.