Serious Sandwiches: The Aussie Burger


Add beets, and you have got an Aussie Burger.

Is there anything greater than the breakfast burger? I love a decent burger, and if you top it with an over easy egg, something magical happens. And that magic is called egg yolk, covering your burger in gooey goodness. Last week I sampled the breakfast burger from Goodburger (a slightly upscale, NYC burger chain) along with some co-workers, one of whom remarked, "Add some beets to this, and you've got an Aussie Burger." Come again? Beets? Now that sounds like something I could get into.

Apparently, New Zealand and Australia know what they are doing when it comes to burger condiments. In addition to the standard burger toppings, you'll often have the option of adding pineapple, avocado, the all important egg, and—the most common—beets, to any burger you order. In fact, beets are almost as standard as pickles here in the U.S., meaning you actually have to ask them not to include them if you're not a fan.

I've never been to Australia or New Zealand, but this is as good a reason as any to go. The best looking version I could find online was this one, from Australia's Finest Burgers in Subiaco, Australia. If it tastes half as good as it looks, I'm sold. If you can't justify a trip down under for a hamburger alone, then we have nothing in common. But more important than that, you can make one yourself using a recipe our own Blake Royer posted here three weeks ago. How I missed it, I will never know! (There's just too much good stuff on this site to keep track of it all.)