Rising Popcorn Costs Increase Movie Ticket Prices



Are you sick of rising movie ticket prices? Do you hate getting ripped off for a bag of popcorn at the movie theater? Well, it's only going to get worse.

Due to the increasing costs of popcorn, the price of movie tickets is expected to skyrocket by as much as 30 percent this year. Why is the price of popcorn going up? Reasons include the increasing demand for ethanol, the low yields of this year's popcorn crop, the rising cost in coconut oil for popping corn, and the increasing cost of producing paper popcorn tubs. Since "roughly 25 percent of the price of admission is subsidized by popcorn, soda, and candy sales," either snacks will get more expensive or movie ticket prices will increase. How much longer will it be before tickets cost closer to $20 than $10?