The Lobster Claw Game, Right Next to the Gum and Diet Sodas

Popping up at convenience stores across the country, this $2-per play claw game doesn't catch goofy stuffed animals, but live lobsters. Maneuver the grabber contraption, just like proto versions with inanimate prizes, and attempt lobster wrangling. Love Maine Lobsters Co., the producers of this $15,950 machine, insist that claws are gentle, slow-moving and harmless for the crustaceans, but anybody who's seen Toy Story knows the lime green aliens didn't want to be scooped up. Lobsters likely feel the same way.

Crabby Bill's in St. Petersburg, Florida and Dick's Last Resort in San Diego both have one, as do other restaurants and convenience stores sprinkled across the country. Find one quick before the same animal rights activists who forced Whole Foods into yanking live lobster tanks from national stores, discover this. [via eatgeek]

Watch a video of the machine in action after the jump.

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