Kraft Launches New Lazy People Food

20080505_CoolWhip.jpgNo need to lift a finger for the spoon drawer anymore when Cool Whip cravings hit. Kraft will soon package the puffy white garnish in an aerosol can, much like other air-infused whipped cream cousins. Just squeeze and shoot. This is part of Kraft's new line of eighty re-packaged products, specifically catering to the most sloth-like of eaters. Yes, Uncrustables were just the beginning.

We recently told you about the Bagel-ful, which eliminates the hassle of cream cheese spreading, but there's more. Goldfish Mac N' Cheese crackers are shaped like macaroni noodles. Chew them up and it's as if you spent a few minutes boiling water and stirring in powdered cheese to make one of the already-easiest-to-make foods.

Pudding doesn't even need to congeal overnight anymore. Just add cold milk to Jell-O Singles packets and watch the powder thicken. There's no telling what chemicals are in there, but more importantly, do we deserve instant pudding gratification? Isn't waiting part of the joy? Granola in 100-calorie pack form is another reality, which speaks to a greater 100-cal-packification movement.

Will these goods require a separate aisle? Or maybe an entire grocery market, much like the reverse of Costco? [via AdAge]