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The limited-edition Indiana Jones Snickers bar. What makes it Indy-worthy? It has a hint of coconut in it. And can I just say that that little addition makes all the difference?

20080522-nazi.jpgYou know how when Indy had that medallion thingy that needed to go on the top of the staff and then the sunlight would shine through it and reveal the location of the Ark of the Covenant on that miniature city in the tomb?

And you know how that Nazi dude with the black hat and round glasses burned only half the medallion on his hand and tried to use it to create a reproduction medallion to do the same thing? And remember how that didn't quite work?

Well, the coconut-tinged Snickers is like Indy's medallion, and regular Snickers is the fake-ass Nazi one. I wish they'd keep the Indy Snickers FOREVER. Sadly, it will eventually be locked away in Indiana Jones's Nazi Loot Storage Warehouse. Innard shots, after the jump.


They look pretty much the same, except that the Indiana Jones version (on the right) is smaller.


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