Indiana Jones Crisp-Mint M&Ms: Meh


Photographs taken by Gordon Mark.


Oh, I think they'd melt in this guy's hands.

Earlier today, I was all about the Indiana Jones coconut-blasted limited-edition Adventure Snickers bar. In the comments of that post, Squiggle hipped us to the Indy-themed mint-crisp limited-edition M&Ms. That first prompted cries of "What does mint have to do with Indiana Jones?" Beats me; is there mint in the rain forest?

Then it prompted us to race out and get some. We grabbed a bag of the mint-crisp M&Ms and one of the Indy-themed peanut M&Ms. All I have to say is, I wouldn't fight the Nazi dude from Raiders for either of these so-called treasures. The crisp-mint M&Ms look sorta cool—with the different shapes printed on them—but they taste like run-of-the-mill Andes mints. And there's no discernable difference between the Indy peanut M&Ms and regular peanut M&Ms.

Yeah. The Nazi dude could keep them; he needs all the mystical anti-melting help he can get. More photos of the failed M&Ms, after the jump.


Mint-crisp limited edition M&M. They're oddly lumpy and have some funky Indy-themed drawings stamped on them.


Peanut M&Ms. No different from the non-Indy version aside from the Indy-themed drawings.


Innards. The mint M&Ms have a crisp, airy center.


Indiana Jones Snickers Bar Is Awesome