Hydrox Cookies Are Back, Temporarily, But Recipe May Be Changed


Dunk 'em while you can, folks. Hydrox are back—but for a limited time only.

Hydrox, the cookies that the Kellogg company drowned as a brand in 2003, will be hitting shelves once more, the Wall Street Journal reports, as the company bows "to more than 1,300 phone inquiries, an online petition with more than 1,000 signatures, and Internet chat sites lamenting the demise of the snack."

But don't get too happy, Hydrox hounds. First, the comeback may only be temporary. "Kellogg's move is more about marketing and showing its responsiveness to consumers," the Journal says, "than about a permanent product reintroduction: The cookie will be sold nationally starting in August, but only for a limited time." (If reception is positive, the company may go permanent with the comeback.) Second, the recipe may be different, a company spokesman said—no trans fats, for one.

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