Oatmeal That Might Give You a Buzz

20080519-fermentedoat.jpgI eat oatmeal and drink booze on a regular basis, but is there a way to maximize time and combine the two? Yes, yes there is. According to Estonian food blogger Pille of Nami-Nami, it's called a fermented oat flummery.

Though an unappetizing gray color, the gluey oat pudding was a favorite dish of Pille's late grandfather, Ernst Johannes. He used to let oats and water sit in a warm spot for at least 24 hours, then cook the whitish mixture and sprinkle it with salt and sugar. Sounds a bit funky, and, according to Pille, it smells a bit off too, but since it hit the spot for Ernst, the family let him do his thing. Part of me is enamored and the other part wants to stick with regular oatmeal.


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