Coupon Hacks: Combo-Moves for Cheaper Carts

Crissy Thompson of Gainesville, Georgia has turned saving on household and grocery shopping into something of an art form, often buying a week's worth of groceries for her family of five for. . . $10. Crissy's biggest score to date was at Target. Her total bill was over $380 and she paid 2 cents. Yes, 2 cents. How does she do it? Crissy's basic tips are after the jump. To really maximize savings, you'll want to apply these in combination for a combo-move. And I think it goes without saying, if you are saving on items you aren't going to use, you aren't really saving at all.

The best deals on produce are often to be found at the local farmers' market.

Match coupons with store circulars to maximize savings.

Understand the lingo. One coupon "per item" or "per purchase" is not the same as "per transaction."

Crissy's combo-move: "Most local grocery stores will let you buy only one item and get it 50% off. If you pair a coupon with that (most grocery stores double coupons up to 50 cents) you can sometimes get the item for free or next to nothing."

Don't hesitate to break out your store purchase into multiple transactions if it'll save you more.

Take advantage of in-store reward programs, like the CVS Extra Bucks program.

Crissy's combo-move: This one combines coupons, CVS Extra Bucks, and multiple transactions. "By following her directions, looking for items marked with the extra bucks sign, and using my own coupons I make my purchases. I also have $9 in extra bucks already in my wallet. My first purchase is $4 after my extra care bucks and coupons. I receive back $19 in extra bucks. On my second transaction, the cleanser I buy is free with the purchase of the eye cream, an in store deal. My bill is zero. I've just purchased $50 worth of products for $4."

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