What's the Best Mexican Food Town in the U.S.?

20080505-tortillanation.jpgTo continue our Cinco de Mayo madness, our celebration of Mexican food and drink, we thought it would be fun to ask all you serious eaters the following muy importante question: What's the best Mexican food town in America?


Mexican Food

Recetas deliciosas to transport your tastebuds south of the border.

Many cities have a case to make. Folks in Los Angeles swear by their impressive array of tacquerias and Oaxacan restaurants. Those in San Francisco claim their city gave birth to Mission-style burritos. My friend Robb Walsh of the Houston Press swears by the taco trucks, Tex-Mex specialties, and myriad regional Mexican restaurants in Houston.

Other folks, like cookbook authors and enthusiastic eaters Cheryl and Bill Jamison would put forth Santa Fe as the king of all Mexican food towns in the U.S. And our own Chicago correspondent, Michael Nagrant, would of course put Chicago and its Mexican food ahead of all other comers, led by the formidable and impressive Windy City chef Rick Bayless.

Finally, the good people of San Antonio swear up and down that their city is the place to eat Mexican food in the U.S. And maybe, just maybe, you think you could make a compelling case for a city that's not mentioned above. You'll get your chance to put forward your favorite right now. Vote after the jump.

The best city for Mexican food in America is:

A) Chicago B) Houston C) Los Angeles D) San Antonio E) San Francisco F) Santa Fe G) Other

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