This Week's Tasty 10


According to our handy site-metering utility, the top 10 most delicious items on Serious Eats this week were:

  1. What childhood food do you wish they still made? [Talk]
  2. One Trick Pony Restaurants [Required Eating]
  3. I Love Creamed Spinach [Recipes]
  4. Bacon Bra (NSFW) [Required Eating]
  5. How to Make Spam Musubi [Recipes]
  6. Baking with Dorie: Lemon-Lemon Lemon Cream [Recipes]
  7. Putting the 'In' in 'Gin' [Required Eating]
  8. Missing JEP's Funny Questions [Talk]
  9. Grocery Ninja: Pomelos aka the Answer to 'What on Earth Is That?' [Required Eating]
  10. Gordon Ramsay Is Not a Jerk; He Just Plays One on American TV [Required Eating]