Photo of the Day: Pastel de Choclo, Chilean Corn and Meat Pie

From April 13 to 19, I traveled around Chile with two other American food journalists on a culinary media trip. Here's another snapshot from that week. —Robyn Lee


I ate pastel de choclo (corn and meat pie) just twice during my week in Chile, but saw it many more times than that. Break through the crust of this baked dish and dip into a hearty, sweet and savory corn pudding flavored with garlic and onion (and other possible spices including paprika, cumin, and oregano), and laden with meat bits at the bottom. Beef and chicken seem to be most common meats, but seafood may also be mixed in. Hell, you can probably put in whatever you want as long as its smothered in the creamy corn mash. It falls into possibly the best category of edibles there is—that is, comfort food. As there is no way I'm going to ever come across rows of pastel de choclo-filled bowls here in New York, I may just have to try and make it myself.

Photo of the Day: Clay Bowls in Pomaire, Chile