Photo of the Day: Liquid Nitrogen Wine Sorbet

From April 13 to 19, I traveled around Chile with two other American food journalists on a culinary media trip. Here's another snapshot from that week. —Robyn Lee


My final meal in Chile was a laid-back lunch at Puerto Fuy, an upscale restaurant regarded as one of Santiago's best. In between our main courses and desserts, we were served red wine sorbet made almost instantly by our table with the aid of a steaming pot of liquid nitrogen. As one waiter poured the liquid nitrogen into a sleek white, porcelain bowl partially filled with wine, the other waiter used two spoons to constantly mix the wine and nitrogen together. After a few minutes and pourings, we were each presented with a quenelle of sorbet in a cocktail glass. The sorbet was super-smooth, less alcohol-flavored than the liquid version, and left a bit of a tingly burn at the back of my tongue from the liquid nitrogen.

After I convince myself that the dangers of liquid nitrogen won't result in some horrible injury to my person, I might just make my own liquid nitrogen ice cream.