One Trick Pony Restaurants


Yesterday's New York Times dining section reported the opening of Totally Baked, a potato bar. That's right, this restaurant serves only spuds, split and filled with all manner of toppings from wild mushrooms to Manchego cheese, smoked salmon to pulled pork. Oh, and there are sweet potatoes for dessert, of course.

While Totally Baked may be the first establishment to pay homage to such a humble tuber root, it's certainly not the only place dedicated solely to one ingredient or dish. There's S'Mac, devoted to macaroni and cheese, in the East Village; Peanut Butter & Co in the West Village; and Rich to Riches in SoHo, where you can find every flavor of rice pudding imaginable.

The whole trend has got me thinking: if I were to open a restaurant that focused on only one food, what would it be? After much consideration I decided on the apple. It's versatile (apple soups and salads, meats braised in cider, plus cakes and crumbles) and it's also ecological. My restaurant—in my mind I've already named it Eden—would rely on locally farmed produce.

We at Serious Eats are curious to hear your ideas. If you could own a restaurant with only one item on the menu, what would it be?