Gordon Ramsay Is Not a Jerk; He Just Plays One on American TV


On Salon, Alex Koppelman suggests that Gordon Ramsay is not a total dick all the time, it's just that he plays one on U.S. TV. Koppelman says his British shows are full of human—you heard me right—human touches. He's downright warm and cuddly and even a bit huggy.

So is he a jerk or not?

Koppelman's point is well-taken, but it should be said that when Ramsay was a young chef on the make, his vaulting ambition gave him license to do just about anything, including stealing the reservations book of his arch-rival Marco Pierre White's restaurant. He denied it at the time, but has now 'fessed up. Now, no one would argue that that is not truly loathsome behavior.

But Koppelman cites this video as evidence of Ramsay's non-asshole status.

Gordon Ramsay: 1-Minute Steak

I must admit I wanted to eat that steak and those artichokes as soon as I saw this. Maybe with Gordon—if Koppelman is right, and Ramsay really is a worthy meal mate.

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