French Fry Holder For Your Car

20080424-frenchfryholder.jpgDriving is already frustrating enough: $4/gallon gas, collapsing bridges, the screaming kids in the back. The last thing humanity needs is the difficulty in simply enjoying french fries from behind the wheel... and failing. It's only inevitable that errant fries will spread their grease and salt all over your car's interior. There are containers for gum, chips, and nuts that fit in a cup holder, but the standard french fry container just won't fit.

However, thanks to Improvements, purveyor of "Quick and Clever Problem-Solvers," you can get a French Fry Holder for your car! Kind of. It's sold out right now, but if it weren't, you too could indulge in the convenience of a container whose no-slip rubberized base fits into your standard cup holder and holds one order of fries. There's even a clip-on ketchup cup for easy dipping! And if you're not eating fries, you can use it to hold other snacks. With so many uses, you can't afford not to have one.

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