Don't Get Bean Boozled

meanjellybeans.jpgBetter be careful the next time you dip your hand in a bowl full of jelly beans, 'cause what you thought was coconut-flavored could end up being tasting like... baby wipes. Just look for Jelly Belly's Bean Boozled, which contains two versions of ten colors. You have classic flavors like buttered popcorn, licorice, peach—and then you have their evil twins. Some are just nasty surprises, like black pepper in lieu of plum, toothpaste instead of berry blue—but others are just weird: what do pencil shavings even taste like? Then there's the downright cruel, with vomit replacing peach, ear wax for café latte, and boogers for juicy pear.

If anything, it might make you swear off certain flavors forever by way of these taste associations. [Slog, via The Amateur Gourmet]