Barack Obama's Partially Eaten Breakfast for Sale on eBay

Here Lies Hope, Half-Eaten on a Plate

20080422-obamabrek.jpgNo matter who wins the presidency later this year, our country is doomed. That's because it's filled with people who see fit to auction off the remnants of a candidate's breakfast on eBay. In this case, a leftover bite or two of sausage and a little more than a quarter waffle abandoned by Senator Barack Obama at the Glider Diner in Scranton, Pennsylvania. But, Adam, you'll say, it's only one auction. One wayward American among many millions.

Yeah? Well, as of 12:30 p.m. today, 23 morons have bid this thing up to $76. [via MenuPages Blog]<!-- You know, I remember my grandmother showing me an "I like Ike" pin from the '52 election. I remember looking at it and the other pins she had kept over the years and marveling at them, an almost palpable sense of history emanating from the cigar box they were stored in. Pity the poor kid 30 years from now, overcome by the noxious mold plume that arises as his grandmother opens a moldy Tupperware container with a long-ago candidate's throwaways. -->