This Week's 'Tasty 10'


According to our handy site-metering utility, the top 10 most delicious items on Serious Eats this week were:

  1. How to Make Golden Chocolate Easter Eggs [Required Eating]
  2. Foodstuffs White People Like [Required Eating]
  3. Snapshots from Italy: Roman Easter Soup [Recipes]
  4. Asking for "odd" amounts [Talk]
  5. Eating for Two: How Do You Love Sardines, Tell Me All the Ways [Recipes]
  6. 30 minute menu that does NOT taste like Rachel Ray [Talk]
  7. Get Over It: There's a Penis Restaurant in China [Required Eating]
  8. In Videos: Estonian Meat Commercial (1980s) [Required Eating]
  9. Cooking with Kids: There Will Be Fish Blood [Required Eating]
  10. Early Returns on New Dining Survey Not So Favorable [Required Eating]