This Week's Tasty 10


According to our handy site-metering utility, the top 10 most delicious items on Serious Eats this week were:

  1. Alan Richman Slams Les Halles: Payback for Anthony Bourdain's Golden Clog Awards [Required Eating]
  2. They're Ba-ack! 'Top Chef' Gets Windy [Required Eating]
  3. Rib Rationing [Recipes]
  4. In Videos: Food Commercials of the '80s, Celebrity Edition [Required Eating]
  5. I never knew _[blank]_ could be so complicated! [Talk]
  6. Corn syrup-is it really that bad? Replacements? [Talk]
  7. Who Really Fathered the Everything Bagel? [Required Eating]
  8. Grocery Ninja: Devil’s Tongue Jellies [Required Eating]
  9. Banana Cake Big and Small [Recipes]
  10. When someone you adore is the worst cook ever [Talk]