This Week's 'Tasty 10'

The top 10 most delicious posts on Serious Eats this week were:

  1. I Am Tired of Spreading Cream Cheese on a Bagel for Myself [Required Eating]
  2. In Videos: 'I Drink Your Milkshake' on 'Saturday Night Live' [Required Eating]
  3. For an Edible Container, Try Bacon Bowls [Required Eating]
  4. Kale: The Leafy Green Monster [Recipes]
  5. Eating for Two: What to Eat While Pregnant [Required Eating]
  6. Sack Lunch: Black Beans and Rice [Recipes]
  7. I finally got it....the Cook's Illustrated Recipe to test! [Talk]
  8. Can We Save the Honeybees with Ice Cream? [Required Eating]
  9. Red Carpet–Worthy Popcorn [Recipes]
  10. Depression and Eating [Talk]