Mochi + Waffle = The Moffle

"It may look just like a waffle, but one bite is enough to tell the difference. While the outside is toasted and crispy, the inside contains a thin layer of glutinous mochi." —The Japan Times

20080321-moffle.jpgAt right, a moffle maker. Place in it a thick slice of mochi, the ultra-gummy pounded rice cake popular in Japan, close the lid, and voilà: a new type of treat. Word is that moffles are selling like gangbusters in Japan. And Sanyei, the company that makes the moffle-makers, is selling out of them. But you don't need a dedicated moffle-maker—bloggers in Japan are trading tips on making them in ordinary waffle-makers.

And how do you adorn it?

It is also possible to make moffle sandwiches by combining ingredients with the mochi before cooking. Alternatively, you can add sweet or salty toppings as the plain taste of mochi goes well with either. For example, a moffle can be made into a meal by adding ham and cheese to the mochi, or a dessert by putting ice cream on it.

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