Jack, an 'Occasional Restaurant' Grows in Brooklyn

20080313-jack.jpgI'm on the NYCfoodbloggers list, which is a great resource for finding out about all sorts of interesting events and items that often fly under the radar. A few months back, the list administrator, Danielle of Habeas Brulée, floated the notion among fellow food bloggers of leasing a space to start a free-form restaurant where different food bloggers would take turns cooking on different nights. It stemmed from her interest in cooking for the public here and there, just not full-time.

Fast-forward to today, when an email with an update about her idea appeared in my in-box:

Jack is an occasional restaurant, by which we mean that it is only occasionally in existence. We are open for one seating per night at 7 p.m. on Saturday nights, every other week or so. Our fixed multicourse tasting menu changes each time. Menus are posted in advance on this site, BYOB, and reservations are absolutely required. You can find the complete list of dates when Jack will be open in 2008 here. Our cuisine is eclectic, innovative, and very tasty.

Jack Restaurant

Address: In the Brooklyn Lyceum, 227 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215 (Park Slope, at Union Street)
Website: jackrestaurant.com
Cost: $75 a ticket