In Videos: Food Commercials of the '80s, Rap Edition

Editor's note: This week, it's, like, omigawd, totally '80s for our daily In Videos segment. Big hair, breakdancing, and before-they-were-big celebrity commercial appearances to the max. So kick back your fat-laced high tops and take a chill pill. —The Serious Eats Team




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If you wanted to make something cool in the '80s, all you had to do was add some rapping. Doesn't matter if you were pushing chicken nuggets, beer, or kid's cereal—make it rhyme and dance and you've got yourself marketing gold!

Check out the commercials after the jump, plus a few bonus videos that were too good to pass up—you don't want to miss watching the Fat Boys enjoying an "all you can eat" at Sbarro in New York City in the mid-'80s.

McDonald's Chicken Nugget Rap Commercial

Miller Lite Rap Commercial

Honey Smacks Rap Commercial

BONUS VIDEO #1: Wendy's Grill Skill (Rap Scene), Part 1/2

BONUS VIDEO #2: Fat Boys - All You Can Eat


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