In Videos: Food Commercials of the '80s, Celebrity Edition

Editor's note: This week, it's, like, omigawd, totally '80s for our daily In Videos segment. Big hair, breakdancing, and before-they-were-big celebrity commercial appearances to the max. So kick back your fat-laced high tops and take a chill pill. —The Serious Eats Team


Before they became famous enough to not appear in food commercials, Brad Pitt, Jason Alexander, and Matt LeBlanc appeared commercials. It was the 80s—times were tough.

After the jump, watch Pitt scarf down Pringles, Alexander dance for a McDLT (yeah, it's old, but it's a classic), and LeBlanc illustrate the superior thickness of Heinz ketchup.

Pringles Commercial with Brad Pitt

McDLT Commercial with Jason Alexander

Heinz Ketchup Commercial with Matt LeBlanc


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