Bourdain Rants About the Food Network

"It's sort of like watching [BLEEEP BLEEEP BLEEEP]" —Anthony Bourdain on the Food Network

As part of The FN Dish, his new online video series for the Food Network, Adam "Amateur Gourmet" Roberts interviews Anthony Bourdain, who goes on an extended rant about the network.

Who should be on food television? Dave Pasternack. Adam Perry Lang. Mario should have a show where he's actually unleashed and allowed to speak intelligently.

Do you watch any food TV? I watch Ina Garten. She actually cooks well. I have no understanding of her alternate universe. I don't wanna stay at her house. I think her friends are creepy.... But when Ina Garten cooks mashed potatoes, those are some damn good mashed potatoes.

Link: Extended Anthony Bourdain Rant [Food Network]