Best Fish Tacos in San Diego

20071228_FishTacos.jpgIn December, we brought you a Serious Eats Fish Taco crawl, but played special favoritism to Orange County. Commenters squealed when San Diego got no love. Herewith, a second chapter of the crawl, focusing on the San Diego county. This one especially goes out to observant Catholics, looking for more than just the local parish's fish fry on tomorrow's last Lenten Friday.

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Mariscos German
Address: 2802 Ocean View Blvd, San Diego, CA
Phone: (619) 239-3782 It's got nothing to do with kraut, wurst or the Deutschland whatsoever, so don't be fooled by the title. Instead, the taco shop serves up exotic alternatives to the normal mahi-mahi fillings like octopus with grilled onions (the Pulpo Mexican taco), garlicky shrimp (the Gobenador taco) or smoked marlin.

Blue Water Grill
Address: 3667 India Street, San Diego, CA
Phone: (619) 497-0914 Walk up to the counter and order (the usual fish taco routine) then wait for huge portions thrown into plastic baskets. Fish here is notoriously fresh. So much, you can see just-caught slabs still sitting on ice.

Bringantine Seafood Restaurant
Address: 9350 Fuerte Dr, La Mesa, CA
Phone: (619) 465-1935
Website: A sit-down alternative to the informal street food staple. Some take issue with the white tablecloths and "fancier" vibe (relatively speaking) but hey, you can still wear flip-flops, so calm down.

El Zarape
Address: 4642 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA
Phone: (619) 692-1652 Hard to beat 99-cent fish tacos, and harder to beat avocado salsa. Fat Packers should try the fish burritos.

South Beach Bar and Grille
Address: 5059 Newport Avenue, Ocean Beach, CA
Phone: (619) 226-4577
Website: Thanks to a tip from a Serious Eater on this one! They serve flour instead of the usual corn tortilla, piled high with red cabbage, salsa fresca and your choice of mahi, wahoo or shrimp.

Address: Mulitple locations, check here.
Website: Love or hate this fish taco-pioneering chain, it still gets the job done when times are desperate.