In Videos: 'Pretz' Japanese Snack Commercials


Pretz is a popular Japanese snack in the form of a pretzel-like stick that mostly comes in savory flavors. Like many Japanese snack commercials, the advertising for Pretz is...unique. Sumo wrestlers, geishas, and dancing scientists are just some of the characters used to illustrate the awesomeness of this snack.

Watch five examples after the jump.

Pretz Commercial #1: Sumo Wrestlers

The repeated word, "tsuppari," is the name of the sumo wrestling thrusting technique being demonstrated by the woman and the sumo wrestlers. This word is used because when quickly repeated, it sounds (somewhat) like "pretz."

Pretz Commercial #2: More Sumo Wrestlers

Pretz Commercial #3: Geishas

The lyrics translate to something like, "Pretz for the big mouths." It's strangely hypnotizing.

Pretz Commercial #4: Skirts

J-Pop star Aya Matsuura sings, "A pleats skirt in a Pretz commercial" over and over again. Yet another catchy tune.

Pretz Commercial #5: Dancing Scientists

"Let's study movement in baked objects! Fulcrum! Stress! Point of action!" This is probably not what the Pretz snack development lab looks like, but if it did, that would be beyond awesome.


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