I Am Tired of Spreading Cream Cheese on a Bagel for Myself

Not a Bagel-Ful

This is not a Bagel-Ful

Channeling the spirit of Uncrustables and Hot Pockets, in April Kraft will launch Bagel-Fuls, frozen bagels which come prestuffed with Philadelphia cream cheese. Bagel-Fuls are part of the segment called "hand-held breakfast sandwiches."

"Consumers are not spending a lot of time cooking these days," said Chitra Ebenezer, the director of marketing for the new brand. "Breakfast is one meal occasion they really struggle with."

And struggle I do. The constant battle to keep cream cheese stocked in my fridge has left me a cold and bitter person. The daily time-suck of visiting a bagel store so that someone else can cut and schmear my bagel has exhausted me to the point of tears.

Kraft, in its benevolent kindness, has heard my pleas, but I still have some questions.

Questions for Kraft

What is the heating method for the Bagel-Ful? Will you be able to jam it into a regular toaster without running some serious fire risks? I suppose you could pop it into a toaster oven, but won't the outside burn by the time the inside is warm? I really don't want to imagine the texture of a microwaved frozen bagel—is that Kraft's plan? Maybe they just want us to let the frozen bagel sit out at room temperature to thaw before we eat it.

Also, will there be flavored cream cheese? I'm a big fan of scallion cream cheese—but could Kraft prestuff some lox in there, too? And how about some tomatoes?

Can we also assume that there's a buttered bagel in the works?

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