How Do You Nacho?

The admittedly dead-simple nacho recipe I posted yesterday prompted Serious Eater intheyearofthepig to offer a link to The Homesick Texan's Nachos 101. I admire and agree with Lisa Fain's take on the Texas-style take on the dish:

My dad asked me a very serious question the other day. He was concerned, since I’d lived away from Texas for so long, where I fell on the nacho spectrum. Did I prefer a pile of chips with some toppings slopped on willy-nilly or did I prefer each nacho to be one chip toasted with a tasteful spread of Longhorn cheddar cheese and a sliced jalapeno. I was shocked he even had to ask. For me, and for every Texan, there is only one kind of nacho: the latter. Nachos are simple and elegant. Each nacho is its own entity (and that is key), with just enough toppings to give it flavor and a bit of heft but not enough to make it saggy or soggy. Anything else is an imposter!

I know I can't stand the usual haphazard pile of chips—they're either loaded to the gills with glop or unseemly and pizazz-less in their nekkidness. Do click through for Fain's eloquently laid-out nacho philosophy and—just in time for the game—her technique.