Ed Levine's Serious Diet Week 7: Can the 100-Calorie Snacks Be a Trap?

My wife, who has never struggled with her weight, called me out yesterday about the proliferation of 100-calorie snack packages she has noticed around our apartment. I of course got defensive and told her I had the whole thing under control. Furthermore, I was doing research for an upcoming series of posts on the best 100-calorie snacks (both sweet and savory). In other words, my longtime defense and justification for overeating was rearing its ugly (and fat) head again: "I'm just doing my work, dear."

Then yesterday evening, after I had consumed my third 100-calorie snack pack of the day, it hit me like a ton of Cheez-Its. Maybe she's right.

If the first part of solving a problem is acknowledging its existence, maybe I need to acknowledge that I have or certainly could become a 100-calorie snackoholic. This happened to me a few years ago with Nabisco's Snackwell cookies. The fact that they are called Snackwell gave me license to eat half a bag of cookies without thinking about it. Ten pounds later, I had to go cold turkey on Snackwells.

I'm glad Vicky said what she did about my 100-calorie snack-pack habit. I actually don't think I stepped over the line, but the scale will tell the tale. I'm heading there now: All right, I'm down one pound. I live to eat another bag of 100-calorie snacks.