Sunday Reading

Gourmet runs an until-now unpublished essay by the late food writer Edna Lewis, What is Southern? [Gourmet]

Two months after their own Frank Bruni goose-eggs Harry Cipriani's, the New York Times tries to explain its enduring popularity. [NYT]

Amanda Hesser revisits a late 80s recipe for Potato, Shiitake and Brie Gratin. [NYTM]

Eric Asimov has a hangover. [NYT]

The Hydrox cookie has been killed off. Fun fact: the "name came from combining the words hydrogen and oxygen, which Sunshine executives thought evoked purity." [WSJ, via Coldmud]

Chinese exporters are going kosher to offset the U.S. backlash over tainted food products. [Mercury News, via Consumerist]

Maureen Dowd gets food poisoning and White House doctors come to the rescue. [Barfblog]