Unclogged: Mario Batali's Super Bowl Menu

Mario UncloggedFor the Super Bowl, I love to serve what I call "team icon food"—classics from the hometowns of the playing teams. It's especially exciting this year, as New York and Beantown have great options.

Here's my menu and timing, from pre- to post-game. Feel free to use it yourself. If you are going to do this at home, remember to keep the portions small—it's easy to have way too much food, and quarters don't last that long.

Mario Batali's Super Bowl Menu


Hot Pretzels with Mustard

Mini Lobster Rolls (You could use this recipe for the lobster and then cut the larger rolls into small hors d'oeuvre–size pieces.)

First Quarter

New England Cod Cakes with Tartar Sauce (à la Rebecca Charles of Pearl Oyster Bar)

Second Quarter

New York Pizza (from Otto, of course)


New England Clam Chowder (Jasper White's recipe)

Third Quarter

Hot Dawgs from Gray's Papaya with the Works (I really will sprint down and back during a commercial.)

Fourth Quarter

New York Cheesecake or Boston Cream Pie: We eat the winners and chuck the losers. This year, I'll bring in cheesecakes from Junior's, but I'll have to make the Boston cream pie, as I don't know any Boston cream pie makers in New York.