Ketchup Chips: The Search for Delicious

Ketchup.jpgWhen I was little, there was a girl in my class at school who, at lunch, would lick the ketchup off her French fries and then re-dip them. I've never forgotten it, mainly because it was so gross, but also because I sort of understood where she was coming from. Ketchup is delicious. I can't enjoy a burger without it. Or, for that matter, scrambled eggs at brunch, a ballpark hot dog, or a greasy diner grilled cheese.

With Super Bowl Sunday right around the corner, I've been thinking a lot lately about snack foods. And one of my all-time favorites is definitely ketchup chips. Not only are they completely addictive—salty, tangy, and a tiny bit sweet—they're also a shocking shade of paprika red. Way more sophisticated than nacho cheese orange, ketchup chips are the perfect addition to any sports-related smorgasbord.

Unfortunately, I almost never get to eat ketchup chips, because I can't find them anywhere! The only place I've ever seen them on the shelf was at a gas station convenience store in Maine (I bought every bag). I live in New York, a city where you're supposed to be able to get any kind of food you want, any time you want. Surely there's got to be a random supermarket or corner bodega somewhere that sells them.

So, Serious Eats readers, help me out. If you know where I can buy a bag of my beloved chips I'll be eternally grateful. Especially come this Sunday, when I'll be happily munching away, dipping (but not licking, mind you) each one in my other favorite condiment: mustard.