How Do We Save Starbucks?

Starbuck's stock is plunging. The company's visionary Howard Schultz is coming back to the CEO's job. Is Starbucks worth saving? If it is, how can it be done? That's the question, Serious Eaters. I think it is worth saving. The coffee's a little burnt, and the breakfast sandwiches suck, but Starbucks is still a comfortable place for freelancers to work and meet, and there's still a decent vibe in most of them. So I think it's worth saving. But how?

Here's my five point plan:

1. Stop opening so many stores. Enough already. Fix the stores you have.

2. Give up on the breakfast sandwiches. They suck.

3. Serve better food. You charge enough for it.

4. Provide free WiFi with any $5 purchase.

5. Localize each branch in some way, with a local food or custom or something.

That's my five-point plan. Free of charge, Mr. Schultz. No consulting fees necessary.