Girl Scouts Think You’re Chubs

20080112-cookie.jpgGoing on the 81st year of cookie sales, the Girl Scouts and their rainbow-colored boxes don’t need much explainin’.

Except this year, when the pigtail-wearing munchkins—who started pre-orders last Thursday—decided you should ease up on the Thin Mints. Yes, you. Because, they don’t make you thin, it turns out. For the first time, girl scouts are selling 100-calorie packs in a flavor they've baptized Cinna-Spins.

Following the 100-cal prototype, they come in bags with 15-ish cracker-ish cookies. Not thick and chewy like a normal cookie (that has fat), they’re thin like paper. The way they want you to look.

Ed might be the best judge, given all his 100-cal pack experimenting already this year. As we're all figuring out, the snacks market is rapidly getting 100-cal-pack-ified, but we thought there was hope in the Girl Scout universe. Hawking buttery biscuits at you (as if obesity never existed) the rosy-cheeked girls in uniform make us feel warm and fuzzy. Chubby, too, but hey. Last year, they announced all flavors would contain zero trans-fat. Changes are clearly being made at their Fifth Avenue headquarters, but what's next? Cookies made of air?

Find your closest cookie source here.