Serious Sandwiches: Junior's Latke Sandwich


Well, today is the last day of Hanukkah. The eighth and final candle was lighted last night, and the only question that remains is what to do with any leftover latkes. To solve this one, I will go back to my time-tested formula. Item of leftovers + the word sandwich + exclamation point = delicious treat. Put this one through the machine, and voila: latke sandwich!

Hey, if waffles and fried stuffing can be used as bread, why not potato pancakes, right? The concoction is pretty simple and requires only a few ingredients. Leftover latkes? Check. Leftover brisket? Check. Dipping sauce (i.e. gravy, applesauce or sour cream)? Check. And, if you are Ed Levine, maybe even some prosciutto. (I'm with you Ed! Of course, my unnatural love of pork possibly makes me the worst Jew of all time.)

Missing some of the ingredients? Don't have any leftovers? Don't celebrate Hanukkah but are intrigued by the sandwich? Then head to Junior's in New York City for the Something Different Sandwich. Junior's may be known for its cheesecake, but it makes a pretty mean latke sandwich.

No sense in getting fancy with this one. A huge pile of Junior's homemade brisket, sandwiched between two pretty large and crisp potato pancakes—apple sauce and au jus on the side for dipping of course. It's like a Jewish Monte Cristo! With most delis serving some sort of brisket dish with potato pancakes on the side, it wouldn't take much ingenuity to assemble one of these sandwiches yourself. But there is something about a restaurant that will actually put it on the menu and do the work for you that warms my heart. Hannukah may be over, but they serve the Something Different at Junior's year-round. And don't forget a slice of the cheesecake. Have some leftover the next day? Cheesecake sandwich!


Address: 386 Flatbush Avenue Extension, Brooklyn, New York 11201 (at Dekalb Avenue; map)
Phone: 718-852-5257
Also located at: 1515 Broadway, New York NY 10036 (at West 45th Street; map)
Phone: 212-302-2000