For Christmas: Are We Talkin' Turkey Or Cookin' a Goose?


Christmas is less than a week away, which means it's time for my mother and me to resume our annual debate: Is it too soon for another turkey dinner?

I say yes. Thanksgiving was barely a month ago, and my memories of the meal (unlike the half bag of cranberries in my fridge and the shriveled sweet potato in my vegetable drawer) are still fresh. Not to mention the fact that I ate leftover turkey sandwiches for days afterward.

For the upcoming holiday feast, I think a roast beef would be perfect, particularly when rubbed with fresh herbs, studded with garlic, and finished with port sauce. Lobsters, in their festive red shells, would also be lovely. Or why not try our hands at preparing a true Christmas goose?

My mother disagrees.

You can have meat or seafood any old day, she argues, and my father wouldn't touch a roast goose with a ten-foot pole. Nothing looks quite as festive or impressive on the table as an enormous turkey, and the daylong ritual of preparing it is one that brings our family together in the kitchen only twice a year. So what if those occasions happen to be back to back? Besides, we can always change up the sides: brussels sprouts with bacon instead of green beans almandine, mashed potatoes with Parmesan instead of buttermilk.

So, Serious Eaters, what do you think? Surely I'm not the only one who feels she needs a bit more of a break before busting out another bird. Or do you side with my mother that it's high time for Turkey II?

At least we can always agree on one thing: dessert. There should be two of them, and we each make one!