Brownies Worth Waiting For

marisbrownies.jpgOn the fudgy-cakey brownie continuum I'm a straddler. I like them moist like fudge but I don't want them to taste like either flourless chocolate cake or uncooked dough. This brownie straddling makes it really hard to find brownies I swoon over, but Mari Tuttle manages to do it with a couple of her Mari's New York flavors. Her caramel sea salt brownies have a slightly briny quality I really like, and her Thai coffee brownies pack a hefty caffeine-like wallop. I also appreciate the size of Mari's brownies—they're little one inch squares, just enough to get your brownie fix without feeling bloated.

Mari's brownies are pricey, $15 for six little squares plus shipping, but in this case you do get what you pay for. It's too late for any Christmas deliveries if you order online, but you may be able to find her brownies at these retail locations across the country. Well, these are brownies worth waiting for. Think of this post as an early heads up for Valentine's Day.