National Meatloaf Appreciation Day: Second Helpings


Meatloaves from Off the Broiler, The Meatwave, Confabulation in the Kitchen, Last Night's Dinner, Erin Covert, and Nami-Nami.

We had so many happy participants in our National Meatloaf Appreciation Day food event that we're sharing submissions in three groups—so much easier for you to digest!

15 more great meatloaf links, after the jump.

meatloaf-mangelaville.jpgJe Mange la Ville endorses a turkey meatloaf with apple, dijon and carrot like this: a mostly-meatloaf-disliker likes this meatloaf a lot and a turkey-meatloaf-liker loves this meatloaf. After years spent perfecting the recipe, we hope so!

Autumn has set in in Toronto and cooking some good old fashioned comfort food was a welcome diversion for The Food Novice, so he prepared a meatloaf with sweet and spicy glaze and reflected on how the more he learns about food, the more he loves what he grew up with.

Off the Broiler's post title says a lot, but not all: "Make Kabobs, Not War - Or How I Started With National Meatloaf Appreciation Day and Ventured Into Political Activism" is also about OTB's outrage over Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's recent US visit, the multiculturalism of ground, spiced meat and the delights of small ethnic grocery stores.

Conquering his food aversions one by one, The Meatwave has indeed finally stopped worrying and learned to love the loaf, preparing a classic beef-pork-veal version that photographs like a supermodel.

meatloaf-closetcooking.jpgCloset Cooking was a meatloaf virgin before making his chipotle turkey meatloaf, and we're thrilled to be part of his first time, especially as his results look so moist and his recipe so easy.

The soul of hospitality, A Finger in Every Pie shares a hilarious story of arguing dinner guests and really captures food's unique ability to soothe and reconcile. Every hostess should have her recipe for "Meatloaf for Difficult Moments".

After suggesting that we get this most sacred of meatloaf days off from work next year, Other People's Food shares an easy, heart smart buffalo meatloaf with veggies.

To Ketchup, or not to Ketchup? Confabulation in the Kitchen observes that sometimes the KQ (Ketchup Quotient) can be a good indicator of a meatloaf's quality - the less you need, the better the loaf - and gives a straightforward recipe that he husband (a ketchup user) says calls for none.

meatloaf-polyvinyl.jpgPolyvinylman doesn't usually blog about food, but his theme of pop culture memories definitely had room for a post about the meatloaves of his childhood, the indispensability of the Joy of Cooking, and his latest meatloaf experiment.

For as many happy childhood memories about meatloaf that are out there, there seem to be a few unhappy ones - greasy, dry, lumpy messes that have turned people off from meatloaf for good. Last Night's Dinner thought her husband was in the meatloaf-hater camp for good - until she served him her meatloaf with crimini gravy and won him over.

Jerry took time out from Jerry's Thoughts, Musings and Rants to whip up a low fat meatloaf inspired by a Cooking Light recipe that sounds much tastier than his sister's Bran Meatloaf Surprise.

meatloaf-anastasia.jpgAnastasia's Table is serving an elegant Lamb Spiral Loaf Stuffed with Spinach, Feta, and Mint.

Top New York City restaurant Gramercy Tavern serves a fancified meatball that was the inspiration for Erin Covert's fontina-stuffed mini-meatloaf (or giant meatball, depending on who you are trying to please). The result is a great tribute to a great professional chef from a great home chef.

Hakklihavorm kevadseentega is Estonian for "spring mushroom meatloaf', as explained by Nami-Nami, but you don't have to wait for spring; mushrooms available in any season make this meatloaf taste delicious.

Girlhacker has been blogging since '99 and she reached back into her archive to get her Buffy Loaf, created a few years ago for a season premiere of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and made from lean buffalo meat.

Hope you have room for more—we still have some more submissions to share this afternoon, as National Meatloaf Appreciation Day is an all-day celebration!