National Meatloaf Appreciation Day: Fresh From the Oven


Meatloaves from What Smells So Good, Canela y Comino, A Sofa in the Kitchen, The Daily Raw Cafe, Add More Wine, and The Expatriate's Kitchen.

It's National Meatloaf Appreciation Day, and we've had such a strong response to our call for loaf that we're breaking coverage into a few posts—so you can have meatloaf for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

You may recall that we declared today National Meatloaf Appreciation Day to celebrate the unique combination of comfort and innovation that meatloaf embodies. We asked readers—and the Serious Eats team—to make a meatloaf, document the process and share their results.

The first 15 meatloaf submissions, after the jump.

meatloaf-coconutandlime.jpgOur very first submission was an Autumnal apple-and-rosemary spin from Baltimore's Coconut & Lime.

We were thrilled to get a raw food meatloaf recipe,and a gorgeously vibrant one at that, thanks to The Daily Raw. She showed us that you can eat raw AND enjoy comfort food.

Add More Wine went with more of a meat dome than a meatloaf, and relies on Heinz 57 Sauce as a go-to ingredient.

Inspired by Alton Brown to freshly grind chuck and sirloin, Eye of the Rabbit submitted a step-by-step photo essay.

One Musical Mom says she's not a meatloaf fan but it looks as though that doesn't hold her back from baking up a mean one. Her husband, a meatloaf lover, must be eternally grateful for her sacrifice.

Not content with one food blog event entry, What Smells So Good worked on her curried meatloaf at the same time that she made a Black Forest cake for Pinktober. All this on top of Canadian Thanksgiving!


Barbecue sauce and the power of substitution get some contemplation in the submission from St. Louis Eats and Drinks with Joe and Ann Pollack—and it comes from a family where the husband is nicknamed Mr. Meatloaf, so you know they mean it!

Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy lassoed her family into participating by trying out no fewer than three meatloaves before settling on a sophisticated (and tasty sounding) rolled meatloaf filled with cheese and salumi.

Our most far-flung submission came from Lima, Peru, where Canela y Comino made mini loaves and wondered whether she could recruit Peruvians to try cold meatloaf sandwiches the next day.

An even mix of lean turkey breast, buffalo, and pork in combination with veggies and olive oil makes for a healthy meatloaf and is a great way to disguise an disliked food for a toddler, as we learn in the Expatriate's Kitchen.

meatloaf-tastesgood.jpgGluten-free gal Hey, That Tastes Good added cranberries to her gluten-free meatloaf and recruited her boyfriend to make a cheesy scalloped potato side dish.

Lamb, feta, mint, rosemary, served with a dollop of tzatziki; all that was missing from Seriously Good's Greek Lamb Loaf post was a glass of retsina to wash it all down!

Mera Pyaar says she's new to foodblogging but her lovely photo makes us think otherwise. She made her meatloaf after a visit to a farm to pick up apples and pumpkins—a perfect end to a lovely autumnal activity.

How's this for a title: Bacon Wrapped Molasses Glazed Individual Meatloaves with Corn and Cilantro Mashed Potatoes and Blackstrap Gravy! That's what A Sofa in the Kitchen submitted, borrowed from a favorite Seattle restaurant, The Icon.

And at the opposite end of the spectrum, Lewandowski adapted the mother of all published meatloaf recipes, the classic from the Betty Crocker cookbook, for moist, meaty, traditional results.

There are plenty more meatloaf submissions to read, so check back at lunchtime for second helpings of our food blog event!