Wine’s Not-So-Secret Society

Once a month, on a Wednesday, a group of wine bloggers "meet" (in the virtual sense) to share their tasting notes and insights and post around a central theme. They call this, WBW, or Wine Blogging Wednesday, and some really solid, witty wine writing has come out of it, such as this post from the Second Glass.

The group was started by Lenn Thomspson of Lenndevours and here's how it works:

The idea is simple. Different bloggers sent Lenn ideas for themes or topics and then would become the hosts from month to month. Participating bloggers would then buy a wine that was consistent with the theme and blog their tasting notes on or before the Wednesday of the event. Since its founding, there have been more than 30 events and hundreds of participants from all over the international blogosphere.

More than 50 bloggers participate each month, and, due to the popularity, Thompson has had to add a group of advisers: Tyler Coleman of Dr. Vino, Andrew Barrow of Spittoon, and Tim Eliot of Winecast.

Some of my favorite themes have been "Let's Get Naked" (about unoaked Chardonnay) and "Box Wines" (about wine in a box and other nontraditional packaging). Be sure to check out the insightful conversation about biodynamic wines, too. This month's theme was on indigenous varieties (grapes grown more or less in the places they originated), and participation was at an all-time high of 54 bloggers. A record, they assure us, that was achieved without the use of steroids.