Serious Sandwiches: The Waffle Sandwich

Yesterday, the Hamburger Today post about whether or not a patty melt is a hamburger (because it is served on sliced bread instead of a bun) got me thinking about how important (or not) bread is in determining whether something is a sandwich—or a hamburger, or any other food classification.

If rye bread doesn't get the same respect as a bun, then where do we draw the line?

Take this photo for example, which I have been mesmerized by for the past week. Waffle to bread is a much farther leap than bread to bun, right? And yet, can you deny that what you are looking at is, without a doubt, undeniably, a sandwich?

Unfortunately, this waffle sandwich is not available for purchase as is. The photographer created it himself at a breakfast buffet in Kyoto, Japan. The filling consists of potato salad, daikon radish, corn, and a large slice of cured ham on top. He assured me it tasted amazing, and despite the hodge podge of ingredients and the little bit of common sense that my mental tastebuds exhibit, I almost believe him. I can't stop staring at the thing.

My vote? The waffle sandwich is indeed a sandwich, and a patty melt is a hamburger!

Photograph from swang168 on Flickr