Local Yokel?

You may have seen it in New York magazine or linked to on other sites—that guy in Brooklyn who built a "farm" in his backyard in an attempt to eat only what he raised for the month of August.

Blogger Cathy Erway certainly did and has an insightful take on Manny Howard's "eating local" experiment. She worries that it does more harm than good for the locavore movement.

Urban farmer Howard says:

Eating local is expensive and time-consuming, which is why this consumerist movement will not easily trickle down into mass society. It requires a willful abstinence from convenience and plenty, a core promise of the modern world. Our bountiful era is predicated on the division of labor: We don’t sew our own clothes, we don’t build our own houses — and we certainly don’t farm — because we’re too busy doing whatever it is we do for everyone else."

To which Erway responds:

This is from a guy who takes the Flemish Giant rabbits he purchased from Connecticut to a specialist to have them professionally knocked up, only to bring them back to his Brooklyn home and one of them dies of heatstroke within two weeks. Essentially, someone who knowingly went for the spectacular rather than the livable, and screwed up shamefully at making a farm as well as an entertaining read.

The comments on Erway's post are just as critical, if not more so.