Original Carvel Ice Cream Store to Close

carvellogo.pngThe original Hartsdale, New York, location of the Northeast-based ice cream franchise Carvel is closing after 71 years of operation to make way for a retail mall due to the waning hunger for ice cream from local residents. Even if you've never been to a Carvel shop, you've probably reaped the rewards of founder Tom Carvel's advancements in the field of ice cream technology, as he invented the soft-serve ice cream machine. All Cookie Pusses around the world hang their vanilla and chocolate ice cream–layered heads in sorrow.

Wait—you don't know who Cookie Puss is? Read the full story about this ice cream wonder, a "celestial person" in the shape of an upside-down hot air balloon with an ice cream cone for a nose. Watch his amazing ability for interstellar travel in this Carvel commercial from 1982: