30 Days of Spam: Too Much or Not Nearly Enough?


One Nebraskan Spam fan is so enamored by the processed pork-based canned luncheon meat and the upcoming Spam-centric tome, The Book of Spam, that he's taken on a mission to incorporate it into every meal he eats for 30 days. You can watch the Spam-eating magic unfold until August 28th on his blog, 30 Days of SPAM. Although he mainly writes about what Spam-based dish he's made for the day, my favorite entry is his latest one about his subconscious Spam thoughts:

I had a SPAM-related dream last night. No joke. And I dream a lot, so it's probably no big deal, but it is funny. From what I recall, SPAM was an actual person and we were traveling in space together.

If he's already having funny dreams featuring anthropomorphic Spam, I'm afraid of what will happen to his dreams at the end of the 30 day period.